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Testimonial >>> "I have tested and proved Ferscoat School. It is a school committed to raising a total child morally, spiritually and academically sound to compete favorably well with other children of the same level any where in the world. Keep it up."

- Barrister Adene Hycent (A Parent)



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Co-curricular Activities

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Sport / Inter house sports
Ferscoat schools have been a pacesetter in the area of sports in Alimosho Local Government and she conducts her inter-house sports every second term. Pupils and students are distributed into four houses with their house wears colours: red, blue, green and yellow. On this occasion, willing parents are allowed to sponsor the houses of their choice while corporate bodies assist the school willingly with donations
Just recently in 2011, the school conducted her bi-ennial inter-house sport.

Extracurricular activities such as Red Cross, Home makers, Debating and Choir are some of the many clubs in the school. Apart from this, there are three major co-curricular activities organized for the whole school which are compulsory for all pupils. These are:
a. Children’s Get together
b. Inter-House Sports Competition
c. End of session activities



Pictures from Inter-House Sports Competitions