Vision anchored on the fear of God to raise learners who are systematically trained to be independent, to face both academic and other challenges of life in order to meet the needs of the ever-changing society.

1.     To provide qualitative and affordable education to children of school going age.


2.     To promote the kind of discipline that lasts and is carried outside the school into the community.


3.     To motivate learners to build confidence in themselves.

4.     To reward diligent and hardworking learners.

5.     To create opportunities for self-discovery among pupils.

1.      To raise a generation of tomorrow’s leaders who have the fear of God deeply rooted in them.

2.      To contribute our quota in the campaign to rescue the nation from an eminent falling educational standard,  especially at the Pre-primary and Primary levels.

3.      To adequately prepare and equip learners for secondary school education without stress.

4.      To provide job for the jobless.