Requirements for boarding students

School fee
Boarding fee
2 sets of school uniforms
3 sets of hostel wear
1 set of church wear
6 pairs of white socks
6 white singlet and under wears
A pair of Dunlop bathroom slippers
1 pair of canvass shoes for sports
1 towel [moderate size]
Washing detergents and soap for laundry [bleach for whites]
Toiletries [tooth paste, tooth brush, 6 toilet rolls, Vaseline and hair cream]
Dettol or any disinfectant
Roll-on deodorant [no perfumes]
1 comb and hair brush
1 3ft by 6ft mattress
1 light blanket
1 cover cloth or wrapper
Insecticide treated net
1 pillow
2 coloured and 1 white pillow case
2 coloured and white bed spread
6  plastic hangers for clothes
1 plastic bucket [ size 32 ] and 1 medium sized aluminum or plastic washing bowl
1 complete set of cutlery
1 tin of insecticide
6 handkerchiefs
3 napkins
Sanitary towels for girls
1 box with 1 lock
Black shoe polish and brush
1 rechargeable lamp/ torch light       
2 padlock for lockers
Writing materials
Umbrella and rain coat
Sewing and mending materials [thread and needles]
All the above mentioned are compulsory/paramount for student check in.