The future of every nation depends largely on the quality of its human resources. It behoves on State and Federal governments to provide education to train citizens on the acquisition of skills necessary for the building of a strong and progressive nation. The burden of this task however, is onerous on both the State and Federal government, hence the invitation for private participation to compliment the State and Federal government’s efforts.

      Ferscoat Nursery and Primary School is a translation of a message received from God, to heed to the invitation from government, for private participation in provision of basic Pre-primary and primary education for children of school going age.

       To this effect, Ferscoat Nursery and Primary school was founded in the year 1992 and became government approved in 1995. It has made tremendous strides in the academic and social fields. It has produced learners who are now in various Secondary schools, Federal, State colleges and Universities all over the Federation. The school believes so much in excellence that it has earned itself the accolade “THE PANEL BEATERS” and “THE EXTRA MILERS”. For this reason, only seasoned and committed teachers are employed at all times.