All work and no play, it is said, "makes Jack a dull boy". In view of this, the school runs a number of co-curricular activities.

They are grouped into two:

(a)          Games and Sports

(b)          Clubs and Societies

GAMES AND SPORTS: The school encourages active participation in sporting activities and competitions. During games, every child is expected to be in his or her outfit. Inter House Sports Competitions are organized bi-annually and potential athletes are given the necessary encouragement that will make them excel in future.

CLUBS AND SOCIETIES: Students are encouraged to take active part in activities organized by approved clubs and societies in the school. These clubs include:-

  1. Literary and Debating Society
  2. Drama Club & Cultural Troup
  3. Press Club
  4. Cadet (Martial Arts)
  5. Scout
  6. Red Cross
  7. Young Farmers Club
  8. JETS
  9. Choir and Band
  10. Fine Arts and Local Crafts Club
  11. Christian Fellowship
  12. Muslim Students Society
  13. Ben Carson Readers Club
  14. Home Makers Club
  15. French Club

Each student must belong to not more than two of the above clubs/societies.

NOTE: Tribal or Ethnic Clubs and Societies are not allowed by the school. More importantly, secret clubs or societies of any form will not be tolerated in the school. Students who engage in any of these clubs or societies will be expelled.


The school has a virile guidance and counseling unit headed by and made up of teachers with long standing experience in this field. They will attend to students and advise them on how to manage their time, mould their behaviour and aid them in the choice of their subjects and future career.

This job is vital to the overall development of the students.