1. The school has four standard laboratories to enhance the teaching of the various branches of the sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Home Economics well-equipped and manned by professional laboratory technologists.
  • BIOLOGY LABORATORY: the laboratory has wet-preserved snakes, heart, kidney, liver and the brain of a rat, squirrel, tilapia fish, and a lot of wet preserved insects. We have the vertebrae or bones of rats and rabbit, skeleton of human beings, microscopes, dissecting sets, forceps, tong, a lot of petri dishes, gas point and bunsen burner for heating. Generally wet-preserved organisms of the Platyheldorinthes, Arthropoda, Annelida, Mollusca and many more. These equipments, apparatus and wet-preserved organisms make the teaching and learning of Biology effective and efficient.
  • CHEMISTRY LABORATORY: Our laboratory is well equipped with modern equipments required to carry out proper qualitative and quantitative essay. All our equipments are well calibrated and our reagents are carefully stored to avoid contamination and health hazards to our learners. Indeed, we are founded on excellent performance.
  • PHYSICS LABORATORY: The Physics laboratory is well equipped and fully furnished with the aim of catering to the needs of the syllabus. To make learning and teaching more effective, scientific theories propounded in the classroom are tested in the Physics laboratory.

           In doing so, the learners are provided with hands-on experience in the experimental sciences, thus creating global citizens of tomorrow who have wider and deeper understanding of natural phenomena.

  • HOME ECONOMICS LABORATORY is well equipped with modern facilities such as:

-           Sandwich makers

-           Ice cream makers

-           Juice extractors

-           Pastry makers

-           Refrigerators

-           Deep Freezers

-           Gas cookers 

     2.        FERSCOAT ICT ROOM is never a so-called computer room. It is a multi-purpose laboratory consisting of a server network as a central computer that holds collections of data (databases) and programs for connecting PCs, workstations, and other devices (Mobile phone, iPAD, iPHONE, PDAS,etc), which are clients. All these clients are linked by a wireless network for the purpose of communication, calculation, processing/storing of data and other e-activities.

This all-purpose Ferscoat ICT room is turning the entire Ferscoat community into full automation. Both teachers and students/pupils now have information at the tip of their fingers and enables them to participate in on-line teachings, e-learnings and e-commerce; thus making us a new brand among other schools around.

3.    THE SCHOOL LIBRARY/RESOURCE CENTRE: this is situated in a serene environment suitable for studying and research; and it is well stocked with qualitative and educative material in all areas covering both the junior and the senior secondary school scheme and beyond i.e.

         -   The sciences

         -   Arts & Commercial

         -   Insurance, Fishery

         -   History & Current Affairs

         -   Moral Instruction

         -   Languages i.e. French, Yoruba & Igbo

         -   Inspirational & Motivational Books

         -   Novels & Story books

         -   Dictionaries, World Globe, World Atlas, Guinness Book of Records, Maps  

             and other Instructional Materials.

4.   HOME MANAGEMENT ROOM is well equipped with ultra-modern facilities i.e

         -   Kitchen cabinets, kitchen utensils and lots more.

         -   Adequately functioning sewing machines (both manual and electric)

         -   A spacious, well ventilated and illuminated laboratory

         -   A balanced, properly formulate/well designed Home management room.

         -   Qualified professional teachers

5.   MUSIC STUDIO: here children who exhibit traits of interest for music, drama and dancing are given the basics to prepare them for the future.

6.  STANDBY GENERATOR: constant supply of power is assured to check PHCN’s perennial power interruption.

7.    BOARDING FACILITIES: The school runs an effective boarding system for parents who may need such facilities. Children from JSS1 to SSS 3 can be admitted in to the boarding house. We have two boarding houses for girls and boys (in different locations) and boarding house masters and mistress who are always present to assist learners academically, emotionally, spiritually, socially e.t.c.

8.     SCHOOL CLINIC: The school has a standard clinic to handle minor cases of ailment while they are in school. Qualified state registered nurses are always in attendance. For major treatments, learners are referred to hospitals or taken home.

9.    CANTEEN: The school operates a decent canteen, managed by trained caterers, which caters for the nutritional needs of learners at an affordable rate. Learners pay as they eat.