The school has taken part in several competitions. These include:

YEAR                 COMPETITION                                                                    POSITION

2002                  Children’s Song Festival (CHISOFEST)   for Sec. Schools                 1st

2007                  Federal Maths and Science Olympaid for                                     1st

                        Senior Sec. Schools(State Level)

2007                  Federal Maths and Sicence Olympaid                                          5th

                         for Junior Secondary Schools.

2012                 Macmillian Masters Spelling “B”                                                  Among the best

Sept. 2013         Statement awards 2013                                                          2nd

                        Lagos Best WAEC Student

May 2014          Lagos State Jam Feast 2013 (Poetry)                                        2nd

May 2014          MITV Debate Competition                                                       1st

May 2014          MITIV Mathematics Quiz Competition                                        1st

Nov. 2014         Lagos State Jam Feast 2014 (Poetry)                                        Winner 1st