Admission Process for Primary

  • Visit the school’s admission office and make inquiries as regards to your ward’s desired class.
  • Obtain an admission form into primary at a non-refundable fee (Subject To Review by Management).
  • Admission forms can also be downloaded and printed out on the admission forms/prospectus page.
  • The printed form(s) should be duly filled and returned to the school where appropriate payments will be made.
  • Intending pupils/ students are to prepare for a Test before full admission and class allocation or placement.
  • Submission of forms to the admission office alongside bio-data as demanded in the obtained form.
  • Collect the new in-take list/bill and purchase the required items therein.
  • Also, obtain a teller for school fees and other payments from the account’s office.

  • Birth certificate (photocopy and original)
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Previous school’s report card
  • School fee
  • 2 sets of uniforms
  • Recommended socks, text books, note books, cardigan, and shoe
  • A pair of ceremonial dress
  • A set of sport-wear and PHE outfit
  • Anniversary vest
  • School belt
  • Bow tie for JSS & flying tie for SS
  • Beret for female students
  • School fee
  • Boarding fee
  • 2 sets of school uniforms
  • 3 sets of hostel wear
  • 1 set of church wear
  • 6 pairs of white socks
  • 6 white singlet and under wears
  • A pair of Dunlop bathroom slippers
  • 1 pair of canvass shoes for sports
  • 1 towel [moderate size]
  • Washing detergents and soap for laundry [bleach for whites]
  • Toiletries [tooth paste, tooth brush, 6 toilet rolls, Vaseline and hair cream]
  • Dettol or any disinfectant
  • Roll-on deodorant [no perfumes]
  • 1 comb and hair brush
  • 1 3ft by 6ft mattress
  • 1 light blanket
  • 1 cover cloth or wrapper
  • Insecticide treated net
  • 1 pillow
  • 2 coloured and 1 white pillow case
  • 2 coloured and white bed spread
  • 6 plastic hangers for clothes
  • 1 plastic bucket [ size 32 ] and 1 medium sized aluminum or plastic washing bowl
  • 1 complete set of cutlery
  • 1 tin of insecticide
  • 6 handkerchiefs
  • 3 napkins
  • Sanitary towels for girls
  • 1 box with 1 lock
  • Black shoe polish and brush
  • 1 rechargeable lamp/ torch light
  • 2 padlock for lockers
  • Writing materials
  • Umbrella and rain coat
  • Sewing and mending materials [thread and needles]
  • All the above mentioned are compulsory/paramount for student check in

Ferscoat has a zero tolerance for examination malpractice. The school brings out hidden talents from every child. Any graduate of Ferscoat is capable of defending whatever result he/she comes out with. School fees paid are non-refundable Ferscoat believes ‘Readers are leaders’, seek to get the list of books and make purchase. For more information: email us at info@ferscoat.com or call any of these numbers: +2348182827599, +2348023918927, +2348028315806, +2348028318078.

Important Dates

  • 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Anglican Church event center, Magiyagbe, Ipaja Lagos
30th Anniversary Ceremony

The school management would like to invite you to the coming 30th anniversary ceremony

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